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Browse Insightful Legal Articles and More Must-Read Content

The Filth & the Fury: Philly Jails Descend into Murderous Chaos

By pwsadmin | November 5, 2022

Prison Legal News Hardworking employees at a charitable organization were fired for complaining about dangerous COVID conditions at the workplace. Philly workers fired after raising COVID-19 concerns are suing their former employer ( When a lower court threw out claims of constructive discharge, Timothy Creech brought the appeal to Third Circuit Court of Appeals in…

Philadelphia paid $132K to settle two sexual harassment cases in June (

By pwsadmin | November 5, 2022

A pattern of harassment, retaliation and reprisals has emerged among Prisons’ brass, in these and several others who were represented by Attorney Creech. In addition to several others, a correctional lieutenant brought First Amendment retaliation claims against Prisons. Corrections officer disciplined for Facebook post settles First Amendment claims with City of Philadelphia | Pennsylvania Record…

Third Former Pennsbury Administrator Sues District –

By pwsadmin | November 5, 2022

Timothy Creech has represented Philadelphia correctional officers for discrimination, retaliation and whistleblowing. Going against Prisons brass is never easy, but we do not back down.  Attorney Creech has represented many correctional officers over the years in many different circumstances. The first time was a one of the largest known Title VII sexual harassment/retaliation settlement against…

Trucker files defamation lawsuit against former employer who allegedly reported false drug/alcohol test results

By pwsadmin | December 20, 2017

By Nicholas Malfitano PHILADELPHIA – A commercial truck driver who claims his drug/alcohol test results were misinterpreted by his former employers, led to his termination and then communicated to other possible businesses when he sought work has filed a lawsuit against those same former employers. Kenneth Morris of Philadelphia filed suit in the Philadelphia County…

Nurse sues Pa. Dept. of Military and Veterans Affairs over alleged rape by resident

By pwsadmin | July 30, 2013

By Jon Campisi A certified nursing assistant for the Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs claims in a civil suit against the state agency that she was raped by a resident at the Southeastern Veterans Center where she worked and then thrown threw a glass door by the man, who the plaintiff claims was…